KanJam is the perfect indoor/outdoor activity and encourages exercise, improved coordination skills and friendly competition without physical contact. KanJam is already utilized in over 5,200 schools throughout the U.S. as part of the physical education curriculum. Make KanJam part of your school’s PE game plan right here in Australia.


What is KanJam ?

KanJam is a fast-paced, interactive team game that is easy to learn. Consisting of two target goals and a flying disc, four players, on two teams, take turns throwing and deflecting the disc as they try to score points by hitting or entering the goal. The first team to score 21 points wins the game, unless a player throws a hugely popular “Instant Win.”

Meeting the standards.

KanJam emphasizes enjoyable and safe participation in physical activity and offers an alternative to traditional team sports that may alienate some young people. KanJam keeps your students moving and fosters cooperation and teamwork.


KanJam Allows Students to:


  • Practice basic and complex motor and manipulative skills by taking turns tossing and deflecting the KanJam disc.

  • Apply the concept of movement by learning to anticipate the flight of a partner’s throw and then moving to that location for the deflection.

  • Enhance hand-eye coordination.

  • Develop physical fitness skills through regular practice, effort and perseverance.

  • Analyze a partner’s performance in a movement task.

  • Demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior, including mutual respect, acceptance and sportsmanlike behavior.

Everybody's playing it !

From school gyms to informal hallway tournaments, students across the country are brushing up on their KanJam moves. Because KanJam can be played anywhere, students can further develop their skills outside of school — at the park, on a camping trip or at the beach.

A portable and low cost solution.

KanJam can be set up in a matter of minutes. When gym class is over, it can be rolled up and stored conveniently. Since each KanJam game has four players, only a few KanJam game sets are needed to keep your entire class active and engaged. KanJam makes an inexpensive addition to your physical education program.


We love hearing from Phys-Ed teachers across the world who are finding new ways to use KanJam and keep their students involved in class. From Relay KanJam to Ultimate KanJam, we have heard about some very creative new KanJam games. Below, you’ll find 4 new ways to play KanJam that we think your students will absolutely love!

KanJam Switch

KanJam Switch is played with similar rules to original KanJam with a simple twist.

How to play KanJam Switch:

  • After each team has a turn throwing and deflecting the disc, the teammates sprint to the opposite goal for their next turn.

  • While running to the opposite goal, if a player makes contact or disrupts the other team, this results in a loss of turn.

  • The game continues in this manner until one team scores exactly 21 points or throws an “Instant Win”.

To play KanJam Relay, set up 2 KanJam courts next to each other and create two teams with at least 3 throwers lined up behind one goal, and one deflector set up at the other.

How to play KanJam Relay:

  • After each throw and deflect, the player who threw the disc sprints to the other goal and becomes the new deflector.

  • The deflector then grabs the disc and sprints to the thrower line, hands off the disc to the next player and goes to the back of the line and waits their turn to throw.

  • Game-play continues in this way until one team scores exactly 21 points or throws an “Instant Win”.

  • Create teams of at least 4 students apiece.

  • Teams pass the KanJam disc to each other without taking more than 3-steps while in possession of the disc.

  • As the team advances toward scoring zone, the opposing team can play NO CONTACT defense.

  • The defensive team can intercept or deflect passes, as long as they do not enter the opposing team’s scoring zone.

  • Any time the disc hits the ground on offense, possession changes to the other team.

  • The game is played up to 21 points with the team on offense scoring by throwing the disc toward the goal where the 1 deflector is in the scoring zone.

  • Anytime an offensive player, besides the deflector, enters the scoring zone, possession changes to the other team and any points scored on that shot are nullified.

  • Anytime a defensive player enters the scoring zone, that team receives an automatic 2-point penalty.

How to play Ultimate KanJam:

Ultimate KanJam is very similar to Ultimate Frisbee, but with a KanJam twist. To play, goals are created approximately 30 yards apart with a designated 10 foot scoring zone, where only the deflector can enter. Many teachers will use a 30-foot rope to establish the 10-foot scoring zone around the goal.

Ultimate KanJam

  • Teams of 4-5 players are created with one player becoming the first deflector, and the rest of the team lining up to throw.

  • After each throw and deflect, the thrower runs over to the goals and becomes the new deflector, while the previous deflector takes the disc and runs back to the throwing line. The deflector then hands the disc off to the next thrower and goes to the back of the line to wait their turn.

  • To score points, the disc must be deflected into one of the 4 goals.

  • Once a disc is deflected into a goal, that goal is removed from the game and the team then chooses a new way to align the remaining goals (as long as each one is touching at least one other goal.).

  • Once the disc has been deflected into all 4 goals the team yells “KanJam”.

  • The first team to yell “KanJam” is the winner.

  • There are no “Instant Win” shots in KanJam Stack.

How to play KanJam Stack:

To play KanJam Stack, 4 KanJam goals are set-up in a diamond shape, with at least two courts being created. A throwing line about 40-feet away from the goals is marked. The same scoring rules as Original KanJam apply.

KanJam Stack

KanJam Relay